Educational Opportunities:

Mid-City Artisans wants to give back to the community and we would like you to be a part of that.

Support the Schools:

As we reach out to the schools with our offer to assist them, we may need volunteers to act as:

Guest speakers to speak at schools. 

Instructors for student workshops.

Judges for art contests held in conjunction with the schools.

We host “student maker” shows including our quarterly Kids Makers Market.

We can offer exhibitions for a school's art department.

Public Events:

We have an “Art Show & Wine” event every Friday featuring a different artisan each week, and strongly encourage you to participate and interact with our clients. We will contact you to participate.

We are a sponsor and host for the annual White Lights Nights in November and Hot Art Cool Nights in May and strongly encourage you to be at our shop for this event. It brings in hundreds of people that Friday night.

Other special events will be held occasionally that we may ask you to attend.

Class Offerings:

We have two separate classrooms in our Art Learning Center allowing us to offer multiple classes. Please let us know which classes you wish to teach. We are offering classes for kids, and adults. These classes will be offered at a cost and you will be compensated as a percentage of the ticket price. We will advertise, provide the room, and handle all the logistics.  

Please click "I want to sign up!" to register for instructions on how to sign up.

Please click "I want to know more!" if you are interested in any of these opportunities or have any other questions.