Art Learning Center
Art Class Offerings

On every visit to Mid-City Artisans be sure to visit our Art Learning Center. You will experience

  • An expanded gallery that includes larger pieces of art. 

  • Our Event Space where we host a range of events such as the Kids Makers Market, Vintage Market, Art Shows, other special events, and space for Kid or Adult art parties.

  • Studio space where artists can rent space and work on their art.

  • Studio space where you can work on art by yourself using our supplies.

  • Our Classroom space where we conduct our multiple classes.

Art Classes are offered for adults and for kids in the following categories.

Kids Only Classes (Painting, clay modeling, crafts)                          Kids Art Camps

Painting & Drawing                                                                                 Mixed Media

Jewelry Making                                                                                       Resin, Glass.

Fiber Arts                                                                                                  Paper Arts

Photography & Digital Arts                                                                    Candle & Home Décor 

Group Class & Art Party Events (Adults & Kids)                                 Seasonal Classes / Activities

Date Night Classes

Your options are not limited to what you see listed, with our over 130 Louisiana Artisans, we can probably find an instructor for almost any kind of art. Just contact us and let us know what you want.


All our classes, though fun, are focused on learning not entertainment. You will walk away knowing how to repeat what you did.

The Art Learning Center is expanding its offerings in 2022! Our current offerings are listed below. Additional classes will be added throughout the year. If you don't see a class you are looking for on the schedule let us know as some of the classes are scheduled on demand. The schedule can be found on the calendar or by category under the Classes menu. We looking forward to seeing what you create!

Painting & Drawing

          Adult Oil Painting                                                             Basic Anatomy & Figure Drawing

          Beginner Watercolor and Acrylic Techniques            Dabbling in Watercolors ages 14+

          Drawing Human Proportions                                         Fluid Art For Kids & Adults

          Pastel Pet or Animal Portraits painting class              Sketching & Perspective Drawing

          Subconscious Expressionism (Abstract Expressionism)

Mixed Media

          Bricolage Art – Collage, assemble & create art from whatever is at hand.

          Intro to Gel Plate Printing                                               Mixed-Media - Abstract Collage

          Purse Painting Party                                                       Shadow Boxes making – creation & painting

Group Class & Art Party Events

          Glass & Resin art class                                                   Painting Art Party

          Birthday Art Party

          (you bring the guests and refreshments, we provide the rest)

Seasonal Classes / Activities

          Oh Christmas Tree / glass                                            Beginner Holiday Candle Making Class

          Pumpkin Carving / Painting                                         Easter Classes

          Valentine Date Night

Jewelry Making

          Beginner Bracelet Beads & Copper Wire                   Beginning Beading

          Intermediate Wire Wrapping Pendant                        Intermediate Wire Wrapping Bracelet

          Introduction to Wire Crochet                                        Advanced Wire Wrapping - Tree of Life

Resin, Glass

          Glass & Resin art class                                                   Create Your Own Geode!

Fiber Arts

          Beginner Crochet                                                            Macrame: The Art of Knotting

Paper Arts

          Origami                                                                              Introduction to Paper Quilling

Photography & Digital Arts

          Beginning Photography – Learn F-Stops, Shutter Speeds and more

          Cell phone photography

Pottery, Clay

          Hand building pottery                                                    Clay modeling

Candle & Home Décor

          Beginner Candle Making Class                                    Old World Furniture Refinishing

Kids Only Classes

          Kids' Sunday Single Art Class                                       Kids' Sunday Basic Art Course

          Kids Basic/Advanced Art  Fridays                               My Nature Book – paper making & drawing         

          Pop-Up Cards making                                                   Puppet Making – Stick Puppets

          Puppet Making – Paper Bag Puppets                        Puppet Making – The Jumping Jack

Kids Art Camps

          Summer Morning Camp                                               Summer Afternoon Camp

          After School Camp

Date Night Classes

          Galentine's / Valentine's Candle Making                  Fused Glass

          Picnic in the studio - painting, collaging                   Alcohol Ink Spin Art

          Mixed Media                                                                  

Check back often as more classes are being added.