Are you an Artisan or Maker?

Mid-City Artisans is committed to helping you be successful in your craft. We will mind the store while you create!

Who are we?

“We” are George and Maria Harris, owners of Harris Home Décor and Mid-City Artisans. George is a retired business analyst and former business owner and is currently running Harris Home Decor. Maria holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership, and has worked as a customer service representative, retail store manager, high school teacher and administrator. She manages the day to day operations of Mid-City Artisans.

It is our mission to provide Louisiana artisans and makers a place to sell their items that is open to the public 6 days a week. We have been selling online and at artisan shows for several years. Since we started selling at a single spot we have had a sharp increase in our sales, with many repeat customers and custom orders. We feel that this is largely due to two things. First by merchandising our furniture, wooden items, and floral arrangements in such a way that customers can envision them in their home. Second through forming relationships with visitors to our “shop”.  We are looking to do that and more with Mid-City Artisans.​

What are we doing?

With a lot of careful planning, investment, and hard work, Mid-City Artisans in Suite 101 of the Square 46 center on Government St opened on April 27th, 2021. It is an inviting and exciting shopping experience featuring a wide variety of quality handmade items from artisans like you. Technology will be used to enhance the experience without losing the 'at home' feeling we are striving for. Of course, you will play a big part since you provide the creations we will market.


Sales is not the only goal of Mid-City Artisans, we are passionate about promoting the arts and encouraging the next generation's understanding and participation in it. We reach out to other educators and to schools to offer to help support their arts programs in various ways. Mid-City Artisans also rents 3200 sq ft of space, know as our Art Learning Center, dedicated to classes, an expanded gallery of larger art, and hosting special events. Various art class are offered to the public and we want you to have the opportunity to earn a little extra by teaching these classes. We do the marketing and provide the space. We promise to respect your time, after all, we want you to have more time to create. We belong to Mid-City Merchants, and participate in the merchant events, such as “White Light Nights” and “Hot Art Cool Nights”. We will also join other organizations as we see fit.


What about the Artisans and Makers?

While constantly looking for ways to improve the experience of our customers, the artisans and the art community in general are very important to us. We want you to be successful. If you are successful, we will be successful.


We research and design innovative ways to increase the exposure of Mid-City Artisans AND all the artisans that are represented in our store. You will be promoted in various ways including displaying your picture, bio, and item pictures in the store, on this website, and on social media. Weekly Art Show and Wine Friday nights events feature one artisan each week so you can get the most exposure with the least amount of your time. We have several outside booth spaces and tables available for special events such as Hot Art Cool Nights, White Light Nights, and some of our own events.

Our Point of Sale software allows you to enter and track your inventory as often you want. We have researched some of the objections some artisans have placing their items in a store and are actively addressing those concerns. You will find we treat you the way we want to be treated since we are artisans too and will have our items in the store under the same contract as you. We, as artisans, want to be successful just like you. So we are designing the store to reflect that. Please discuss any concerns you have with us, we really want to know and provide the best store in the Baton Rouge area for both the artisans and our customers! Come join us in bringing the best art to Mid-City Baton Rouge.

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