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Gallery 46 Mardi Gras Exhibition

Located in Gallery 46, Mid-City Artisans' Exhibition space, on Government St in the heart of Baton Rouge, LA.


Mardi Gras Mambo Exhibition

Sponsored by Gallery 46 and Mid-City Artisans, this art exhibition features Mardi Gras and Louisiana-themed artwork.  The show will be juried by a team from Mid-City Artisans.

Submission Deadline: Midnight, January 19th.

Notices Sent: January 20th

Art Delivery Deadline: January 24th

The exhibition will run from January 24th to February 21st with a Mardi Gras-themed closing reception on Feb. 16th. 


Submission Guidelines

Please upload a digital image of your paintings or a video of your sculpture or pottery submission for consideration. A separate form (below) must be submitted for each entry. The submission fee is $35 per entry, one piece per entry.  Artists in the MCA family will enjoy a $15 off coupon.  Only one image is required for a painting but more may be required for pottery, sculptures, and other three-dimensional works.  Up to a maximum of four photos may be uploaded for each submission. Including images of different submissions in one will disqualify that submission. If your submission needs more images, please email us directly at

Please send an image or a video format that is Windows compatible. Ex. Image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD. Video formats: MP4, AVI, MOV. Enter the price you want to receive if the item sells. We will set the retail price someone pays for the item.

Single Item Art Show Entry Form

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Thanks for submitting!

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