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Mid-City Artisans Update

Mid-City Artisans is all about promoting Louisiana artisans, helping all people learn art while having fun, encouraging people and supporting the community.

As Mid-City Artisans starts 2023 we are fine tuning the way we do business to help ensure continued growth and success. 

See below for details.


What we have accomplished.

  • Made this a place that people love to shop in and take classes. Two of the most common comments we get is

    • “this is what Baton Rouge needed”

    • “it’s one of most pleasing places to shop”

  • Hired artist Matt Beshears to manage Gallery 46 and the Art Learning Center and teach some of our classes

  • Hired an artist and others to help work the gallery.

  • Built the Kids Maker’s Market into a quality respected event that people look forward to.

  • Achieved good internet search results

    • One of the top 3 google search results for Baton Rouge Art Galleries. Yelp lists us at the #1 gallery! Trip Advisor the #3 gallery

    • Top 2 - 3 search results for “art / acrylic painting / watercolor painting / collage /pottery” .. classes baton rouge”

    • We are working on expanding our presence on Bing and other search engines as well as in different categories.

    • Listings on Visit Baton Rouge, Trip Advisor & other sites.

  • Provided Baton Rouge exposure to art from across the country through our Gallery 46 National Art Exhibition program.

  • And more…


What this has cost.

  • Exhausting hours, though we knew that in advance.

  • No salary for Maria or myself since we opened.

  • Without loans, we have spent over $160,000 of our own (retirement) money getting to this point. This includes over $30,000 towards marketing and advertising.


Future Plans:

  • Make the Gallery a profitable venture for all the artisans and us by increasing sales by more marketing and incentives to shop here, like the rewards program we implemented in mid November.

  • Make a real push to encourage the Interior Designers of the area to shop our Gallery and place custom orders through the gallery.

  • Make a push to businesses and organizations to rent space, schedule classes, or offer a gift basket program.

  • Expand our Art Learning Center offerings and the number of signups on a consistent basis

  • Research for other areas where we can build an income.


How we move forward:

  • Negotiating a lower rent

  • Updating our business model by requiring each of the artists to pay a small monthly fee of $5 to $65 per month depending on their average retail price.

  • Keep an open mind to feedback from all our artisans on how we can better serve them and our community.

To do that, we have updated the contract to reflect the needs of Mid-City Artisans going forward. Here are the main changes.

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