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1) ART & WINE FRIDAY NIGHTS. This will replace Meet the Artisans. Each Friday from 6 - 8 we will feature one Artisan, have live music, serve wine & cheese, occasionally with the jellies we sell in the store. We did this the last 2 Fridays and it was a lot of fun.

If you know anyone who would like to come play music in or right outside the store on a Friday night, please let us know.

If you are one of our Artisans and want to be featured, give us a call as soon as possible to schedule a Friday. Please bring more of your art to display and sell. It will be under contract for Friday night only unless you choose to leave it. You can also work on your art then.

Tell everyone to come visit the store Friday night.

Hope to see you there.

2) NEW CLASSES!! We have new classes available. Watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, jewelry making, perspective and sketching, origami, basic photography, and more. Check them out and sign up for one. Some of our artisans have taken one or more of our classes and really enjoyed and benefitted from them. Sign up today!!

Want something you don't see? Let us know and we'll make it happen.

3) ART DAY & POETRY SLAM is October 9th. Put it on your calendar.

We need poets to read and about 10 Artisans to work on their craft that day. Please sign up. More details to follow in a few days.

Until then, create and /or enjoy art.

George and Maria Harris

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Sep 26, 2021

I can set up a table at the poetry slam if needed. Please let me know!


Sep 24, 2021

I’ll set up a table at the poetry slam!!

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