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New Events & Classes

Check out the events page for a number of new events.

We are starting to have almost monthly art exhibitions featuring the works of mostly people who are not regularly showing in Mid-city Artisans.

Come see what these Artisans are doing. One exhibition is by stroke victims, young and old. Their items are not for sale but you will have an opportunity to bid on a painting by Betsy Neely to benefit the American Heart Association's stroke program.

Need some fun? Get some tickets for the Music and Improv, Sept 23. The next 10 people to purchase tickets can use coupon code SupportMCA15 to save on the total order. Your support will help us bring more similar events in the future.


Check out our classes. Here are a few of them.

For kids:

NEW: Tuesdays at 5 is an Intro to Art for 5 - 8 year olds.

Drawing & Painting for ages 9 - 17 on Thursday nights.

Sunday mornings are Basic Art for ages 6-16.

For adults:

Beginner oil painting class on Sundays.

Beginning acrylic painting, Acrylic tips & techniques on Thursday, Watercolor tips & techniques on Thursday, Sketching & Perspective, Basic Anatomy & Figure

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