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Classes and Kids Maker's Market

I have 2 things to tell everyone, which you may know already, but here goes.

1) We have added a good schedule of classes for June, though there is room for more. And even added a few for July. We need those of you who are interested and can teach their craft to email me some information so we can add your class to the website. We already have a number of people who have signed up for most of the ones on the site so there is definitely an interest. I'm also working with some other organizations to offer their members /constituents some of our classes. Be sure to let everyone know that we offer classes for kids and adults. Check out the current list on the website.

2) Kids Maker's Market. I'm so excited about this. We already have about 4 kids signed up and we just started letting people know. Plus we have the Baton Rouge Music Studios bringing their kids to play, for tips, which if you didn't get to hear them at the grand opening were outstanding. We also need kid chefs to sell snacks and lunch. Help spread the word and get every artistic kid you can signed up for this event. And, of course, tell all adults to come support the kids and buy stuff. Of course, hopefully they will buy some of your work in the store too. This event will be held in our large classroom upstairs in the other building. We also need a few Artisan volunteers to help show people around.

Ok, 3 things 😁. We will be featured on another TV and radio show May 26 with Rock It Right Entertainment. More details to follow.

Ok, back to woodworking for me.

Keep creating,


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