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We are open!!

Finally, after several months of long hours, hard work, and favor from God, we have opened in Square 46 on Government St. Actually, our address is 516 Moore St Ste 101 which is right on the corner across from Letterman's Blueprint.

Anyway, we now have 84 artisans entered into our computer system who have placed items in our store. We also have another 5+ that should be bringing in their artwork by next Sunday. Wow! We have an amazingly diverse collection of art. You have to come see it, often. Many of the Artisans are working to bring in new creations often. Not to mention the new artisans that are contacting us every few days.

Now, we are working to get our separate classroom and work space setup and ready for the classes we talked about doing. Our first class is a kids camp starting May 31st. And there are more ready to register for. Check out the services tab to see them. And check back often because we are still working with other artisans for some other classes.

Kids Makers Market. Yes, you heard right, we are inviting kids from 6 - 17 who make things and want to show them off and sell them to come set up a table inside our classroom space on June 12th from 10am - 2:00pm. We are also inviting kid musicians and kid chef's to provide entertainment and food! Should be a great time!! Can't wait to see what they make. I heard one of them does leather work! Who knows, some of their work may end up in our store.

Mark your calendars.

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