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Mary Carpenter Felder grew up in Greensburg, Louisiana and moved to Livingston Parish in 1968. She graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with degrees in Elementary Education, Library Science and Supervision and Administration. Art education has been workshops and classes with local and international teachers. Her art mediums are Quilted Art, Collages and Photography. She began creating traditional quilts many years ago, but was never satisfied. She always wanted to change patterns and create her own designs. Mary treasures the traditional quilts from her grandmother, mother and the ones she made. She loves their beauty; knows that the fabric and materials were hard to acquire; and that many hours were spent hand quilting them. But, she is drawn to the contemporary art side. She took classes from local and international instructors and learned to dye, print, stamp, burn, weave, twist, screen print, paint and ink fabric. Mary wants you to enjoy her art and feel the emotions she experiences when she is creating. Nature is her inspiration. Louisiana is a beautiful land blessed with a rainbow of plants and animals. A ride in the country reveals ditches with dazzling white egrets standing amid beds of rare red irises. A walk along a path in the forest reveals orange flowers on a vine adorning a tree like an exquisite piece of jewelry. Inspiration is all around us. Her photos are also an important part of her work. She uses her photos in her quilted art and collages. Mary has lived in Denham Springs, Livingston Parish, Louisiana for 50+ years. Its beauty never ceases to amaze her!

"Sunflower" inspired by Nature. Hand painted,

beaded and machine quilted.

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