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I am gypsy style in my art creating since I usually have 3-4 completely different projects/mediums that I am working on at the same time with another dozen swirling around in my head. Loving mixed media, or seeing potential where some might not, allows me the freedom to "catch" an idea and just roll with it and see where it takes me. I enjoy working with colored glass to create crosses on driftwood or making ocean scenes on framed glass and other beach related items. That is why an annual beach trip is necessary for fresh inspiration!

I especially enjoy Christmas when I use colored glass to create trees with all the trimmings on canvas or old windows, and so on. There is pleasure sealing all that Christmas atmosphere in with a fresh coat of, how it shines!

Working with vintage and "found" jewelry repurposing it on crosses or frames or small boxes is so much fun. Truth be told though, I enjoy the hunt as much or more than the actual finished product. 😊 The mix of textures and colors is what I am about, so I dabble in watercolor and acryllics too.

I have been married for 40 years and we have 2 grown sons. Our life is centered around relationship with God and others. My favorite artist/role model is God! All I have to do is look around at His marvelous creation and I will never run out of ideas for creating art!

Sherry Hartt



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