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Jane Olson-Phillips

Jane Olson-Phillips is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a degree in Fine Arts, major work in
sculpture. Her work experience consists of interior decorating, teaching art in public schools, adult education, and private classes, and as a consultant for a non-profit art & craft organization. Living in
England for 12 years, she was able to study basketry, zinc plate etching, ceramics, silversmithing and weaving. During that time, she taught classes in jewelry making and mixed media, sold her work in shows and had several exhibitions of her jewelry and wall hangings. She has researched and collected beads and knotted objects for over 50 years, which now have
been donated to bead museums and our own Rural Life Museum and LSU Textile Museum. Her work is shown in several books and magazines and she has had two books published. Influenced by all her travels, she designs jewelry and wall pieces using beads, stones, fossils, and many other materials including some of her own handmade
polymer clay pieces. Well into retirement age, she
continues to design and produce one-of-a-kind art to wear jewelry.

Member of:
Founder of the Baton Rouge Bead Society
Baton Rouge Art League
Contemporary Fiber Artists of Louisiana
Bead Society of Great Britain
Society of Bead Researchers
Bead Society of Washington, D.C.

 Jane Olson-Phillips
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