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Rhonda Kiser

I am originally from KY but have been in LA for 17 years.  I am a mom of a wonderful daughter, a Gammaw to the sweetest granddaughter ever and a career professional in the Petro-Chemical industry.  For several years after my daughter grew up and moved out, I tried to find hobbies and interests to fill my personal time.  After working from home for several months, I found videos of others doing Fluid Art which peaked my interest and that led me to working with resin.  Now, there is no turning back.  

I love the flow of Fluid Art.  During the lockdown of 2020, I found myself looking for ways to grow my hobby.  My collections are by products of spending more time at home. 

My Splashes and Designs are done on Canvas, Wood, Tiles, Vases and more.   Most of these items are done with Acrylic paint using various methods that fall into what is called "Fluid Art".  

The resin pieces are unique designs either using a mold or as free form work.  You might also see some jewelry made from resin and/or the runoff (Skins) of the Fluid Art.

 Rhonda Kiser
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