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Ann Bosarge

I am a retired high school teacher & licensed professional counselor. Since a teen I have wanted to be an artist. I took private classes and painted in oil. Mostly swamp and landscapes. I taught Theology in San Antonio, Texas to High School Students and contrary to what you might be thinking they loved it, nick-naming me "Soul Sister."
I have been working in my condo which has turned into my art studio. I'm presently working with mixed media collage. Using a gelli plate, I paint the papers I use in my art. I use different thicknesses of paper as well as acrylic, watercolor, chalk and ink. I use stencils that I purchase, or make myself, to create shapes and interesting color combinations.
I love the whole process of creating. I got the idea of half faces from the famous artist, Klimt. Instead of hair to present a half face, I use colored paper shapes in a harmonious manner which is pleasing and joyful to the beholder. Klimt's work is phenomenal and rich with color and lots of gold accent painting. The abstracts are fun and I'm now including the written words of poets like Rumi, Gerard Manly Hopkins, Thich Nhat Hahn, etc.
I can't wait to see what new turn that creative part of me will bring forth. I hope you delight in my art and it brings joy to your eyes and serenity to you.

Ann Bosarge
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