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Ashley Dufresne

We are an interior & exterior design business with a passion
for giving new life to spaces as well as refinishing and
creating custom furniture. Our mission to use & re-use as
much as we can applies to everything we put our name on,
no matter what job we are doing. The idea for Novel Candles
spent years on the back-burner until our designer & CEO
(Ashley Dufresne) decided to attempt to “recycle” her time
stolen by the Quarantine & apply it to setting her idea for
recycled glass candles into motion. Her decision to allow
customers to add personalization was driven primarily by
the devastation people who were (& still are) unable to travel
or see their loved ones all around the world in 2020 were/are
facing. Our ability to combine beauty & functionality in our
designs is only matched by the personal touches we are able
to add to each & every job we put our name on. If you are
interested in having a piece refinished or simply wish to
update or remodel your space, we offer text & FaceTime
services to customers all around the world. We are also
available to travel for jobs out of state, based on assignment.
From breathing new life into family heirlooms to creating
beautiful, fresh spaces with our professional paint color
selection services & personalized shopping lists (sent right to
your e-mail) to guiding you through becoming a short-term
rental host to simply sketching a new view for you to see
your space in a new light… We do it all!
Text, call or e-mail us right now!
Let us help you enhance your new favorite space. | 504-275-6528 | @noveldesignnola

Ashley Dufresne
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