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Jacquelyn Grant Brown

Jacquelyn Grant Brown (She/Her) is a multidisciplinary artist working in jewelry, poetry and mixed media art. Although she was educated in the literary arts, her love of the visual arts was always whispering “why not?” in her ear. Jacquelyn took a variety of classes in beading, metal work, flower arrangement and others over the years, but would eventually fall in love with jewelry making. At first, her efforts were a personal practice and she only made for her own adornment. It would be after a cancer diagnosis that Jacquelyn would not only readjust her focus to jewelry making more seriously, but she also began exploring painting and mixed media. Soon after, she retired from an almost 30-year career as an administrative support professional, to rest, realign and recover, understanding that what looks healed on the outside, isn’t necessarily so on the inside. Artmaking became an integral part of her recalibration. Eventually, requests to see more work moved her to share on Facebook and later creating an Instagram account (where most of her art work can be found). Additionally, Jacquelyn’s literary work can be found in Raising Mothers, The Rumpus, Rat’s Ass Review, African American Review and others. Recurring themes in her poetry/art often center around family, parenting, trauma/healing and the erasure of African American voice, beauty and other social and cultural representation.

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Instagram & TikTok: @HIPPIECHICJOY

Jacquelyn Grant Brown
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