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Susie Blyskal

The word craftsmanship suggests an artistry requiring skilled expertise, great care, and ingenuity. Today the word craft is often associated with a project or hobby. Even when the materials used are ‘common’ it is the workmanship and vision of the artist that produce craftsmanship.

Gourds have traditionally been thought of as birdhouses and painted shapes. My biggest challenge is in getting people to think of my creations as works of decorative art. I want to design and create gourds that are elegant art objects more that just crafts.

My gourds are beaded. The beads are individually sewn to the gourd in a manner that enhances the carved design and shape. Many of my designs have an Ikebana styling. This oriental feel is further enhanced with bamboo or copper accents. I further add a pearl in each pattern as a signature to identity my one-of-a-kind S Ann B original.

My goal is to have my delicate beadwork enhance the soft curvy gourd shapes so that people will want to add this art form to their homes and collections.

Susie Blyskal
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