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Electric Mess by Jill Lindsay

 Jill Townsend

Jill Townsend

In 1986 I began to sew. My great aunt and friend’s mom were seamstresses, and they were my inspiration. Starting with hand sewn Barbie doll clothes to machine sewn dresses, sewing was a part of my childhood. As I got older, I chose to study Apparel Design in school. As my career progressed, I worked for Creative Costuming at Walt Disney World in Florida and continued to learn my trade. Upon my return to Louisiana I decided to stay here with my family, plant my own roots, and sewing is what I craved to do.

In 2009 Jill Lindsay Designs was born, my seamstress/design career was officially established. Costumes, corsets, loungewear, lingerie, daywear, you name it, I have probably made it (not quilts though, I’m not a quilter, yet!). In 2017 I began working with sequin fabrics and the crowd loved it! Electric Mess by Jill Lindsay is the brand I created to truly capture the spirit of the goods I am making today. The happiness and joy that sequins and beautiful bright fabrics bring to everyone inspires me to keep stitching.

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