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Are you an Artisan or Maker?

Mid-City Artisans is a non-profit committed to Supporting the Arts and Louisiana Artisans

through education and helping you be successful in your craft!

How can you be a part?

We are a juried non-profit and all art is judged by a panel to meet certain standards. Come join us in bringing the best art and art experiences to Mid-City Baton Rouge. You will find we treat you the way we want to be treated. 


1) Have your art juried. Click the Apply to be Juried button. If you were an artisan at

Mid-City Artisans between November 2022 or January 2023, you are already juried, so

click the Buy Level 1 or 2 Membership button below to purchase your membership.

2) Once you have been accepted, please click one of the Buy Membership buttons

and become a member of the Mid-City Artisans team. Both membership levels

  • Show your support for the arts, 

  • Allow you to optionally display your art in our gallery,

  • Receive automatic acceptance into all juried exhibitions, 

  • Receive one free exhibition entry fee,

  • Receive discounts on pop-up space rentals. 

  • Level 2 membership also includes

    • Discounts on other exhibition entry fees,

    • $15 store credit to use on purchases.

    • 15% discounts on classes. 

3) There are two options to display or sell your art. You must be

a juried member before you can place art in the gallery.

For mostly wall art:

a) Rent a dedicated wall space and have all your

art grouped together and receive a higher split on

the sale. Rentals are available in two sizes and are

for a 90 day period.

Space must be cancelled with a 30 day notice.

b) No monthly rental. We merchandize a limited amount of your art in the gallery due to current space availability. You receive a lower split on the sale. Consider the digital addon to include the rest of your art.

For Non wall art, it is the same as no monthly rental. We merchandize your art in the gallery for a lower split on the sale.

4) We offer a digital addon that enables us to market all of your works online on our

website and in the store by showing all of your works, that we don't have room to

physically display, to interested customers. You must choose either 3a or 3b above

unless we don't have space for your work in the gallery.

We hope you will join us in supporting the arts and display some of your works in our gallery. You may also sign up for one of our Artisan Info and Sign Up meetings (not yet scheduled) for complete details, to bring in your work or to handle off line. 

We cannot do this alone so we are always looking for volunteers to help

support the arts and artisans. If you are interested in volunteering please

click the button to see how you can help and let us know. 

If you know someone who may want to volunteer please put us in touch with them.

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