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How will our sales program work?

Mid-City Artisans accepts curated items from individual Louisiana artisans and makers on consignment. 

Upfront costs:

We offer two commission plans, a higher commission for you with a small monthly fee or a lower straight commission plan with no monthly commitment. The details are spelled out in our contract. Your only other possible upfront cost may be for a display if your items require one. We have a number of displays for jewelry and other items but you may want something different. If you make greeting cards, for example, we do not have a display for them.​

How we inventory:

When you bring your first items in, download and fill out the Inventory Sheet on the Vendor Information page. We will enter your information and inventory into our system and will be assigned a Consignor ID. You can then view your inventory and enter your new inventory online at our website before bring it in. As sales are made they are automatically removed from inventory.  You are able to check your inventory online as often as you want. Please call for an appointment before bringing your items to our store.

Show me the Money:

We have heard some of the past experiences some people have had and we strive to avoid those and make working with Mid-City Artisans the best experience possible. As stated above, you have easy access to your inventory list so you always know what is selling and what is not as well as how much you are owed. By the 10th of each month, you will be paid electronically for all sales from the preceding month. Of course, we all strive to make the best of this economy.

You are welcome to come visit the store anytime and see what is going on. We welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions. You will find we are completely transparent about all policies. We are artisans ourselves and are placing our items in the store under the exact same terms as you. So we also want the best experience possible.  

If you have ever had a bad experience with, or negative thoughts about, consignment, please discuss it with us as we really would love to understand your concern and work with you to address it. We want you to make additional money by being a part of Mid-City Artisans.

Fine Print:

Our contract spells out the store policy for discounts on items and requires we notify you at least two weeks in advance of any general sale. You can then opt in or out. We have a no return after 7 days policy.

While we understand everyone has their own expression of art, the store will be family friendly so all items displayed must appropriate for all ages. If someone requests a custom or commissioned item from you that we would not place in the store we will contact you to see if you want accept the order. If so, we will process the order as any other custom order.

We will accept only hand produced items by the artisans themselves. Originals or prints of your original work are accepted. No mass produced items.

We have insurance that covers your item if someone breaks in after hours and steals items. However, shoplifting and accidental damage is not covered and that loss will be at your expense. Mid-City Artisans will take every reasonable precaution such as video monitoring, store layout, locking cabinets for smaller items. 

What do I do next?

Please contact us via email ( and include pictures of your work. We will contact you if we feel your work is a good fit for our gallery and invite you to sign up for one of the Artisan Info & Sign up sessions. 

At that session, please bring all of the items you would like to place in the store. We will be prepared to receive them at that time. Please bring a completed Artisan Info and Inventory sheet listing each item to expedite processing.  

If your item is consumable, we would appreciate that you either provide one or two of your best-selling products for us to sample. It is our goal to be knowledgeable about all products to better market them to our shoppers.  

We use a computer program that tracks all consignor merchandise and creates barcode labels for each item. Please ensure that your product is packaged in order to affix a label without damaging the item. Ex: Greeting Card in a plastic sleeve.

We are asking that each artist submit a digital photo of yourself and at least one of your creations and a written bio as soon as possible that we can post on the site. If you have this prepared, please send it to the email address above. Also, we would like to start promoting you and your products on social media as soon as possible. 

Click Educational Opportunities to see how you can increase your exposure and offer some classes.

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