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Beginning Artist? Start with a Drawing class. Learn sketching, perspectives, how to draw figures and basic anatomy. Or take the beginner painting course to create an acrylic painting ready to hang in your home.

Have some experience? Take the watercolor, acrylic, or oil painting classes and work on your craft while learning from experienced artist the tips and techniques required to move to the next level. Our experienced instructors will teach you more about composition, painting surfaces, brushes, pigments, color mixing, varnishes and all the processes that go into creating a painting. Our setting is an open studio, where you will hear the teacher’s comments and see what the other students are working on. It’s fun to paint and learn together! You can bring wine if you wish.

Mid-City Artisans offers a wide range of painting and drawing classes.

Painting & Drawing Classes

Check back often for newly scheduled specialty classes and workshops. Or call us to schedule a group art class/parties for an enjoyable time out with friends. 

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