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A Retail Gallery and Art Learning Center

Now Closed

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About Us
Mid-City Artisans, the vision of two artisans, George and Maria Harris, was and still is all about promoting Louisiana art, learning, encouraging people and supporting the community.

UPDATE: We closed our gallery on April 30th, 2024 after 3 years in business. (Summer Camps & some classes will continue.)

How do you find the words to say goodbye? 

It was certainly a labor of love, and what a joy to serve the Baton Rouge community and beyond. (Just shipped 2 sculptures to California, a traveling couple that always looks for places with local handmade art) 

Until we close, some, not all, artists are discounting their work. And we will be selling most of the store fixtures. Many people who entered our space said they could feel the positive energy. We felt it too. The hope and talent and love and skill that went into every handmade product was amazing. 

The ARTISTS- We were absolutely Blessed by working with approximately 280 Louisiana Artists during the past 3 years- some have been working at their craft for 40+ years and others were just starting out. To see how the artists grew and changed was an honor! Thanks to all that trusted us, kept us stocked, helped, demonstrated, volunteered, taught, and promoted the gallery. And special love to Matt Beshears who did it all and then some...

The STUDENTS - from 5 year olds learning the design elements to @betsyneely and her fun-loving weekly watercolor adults, our students knowledge and creativity grew and flourished!

The CUSTOMERS - our regulars would drop by to see what was new, and would come in to get special handmade items for the people they love. We were so excited when customers would bring their family that were visiting from out of town to see our gallery ❤ Then there were the travelers. Those who support local businesses and artisans wherever they go. They found us on Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you supported our small business, you supported a Louisiana artist. And we just wanted to thank you. Sincerely, George & Maria Harris and Matt Beshears.


If you want to continue to follow us, please do. We will share our artisan journey and continue to promote crazy cool artists.

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